Miss Pole Dance America (MPDA) is an innovative fitness competition for modern day showgirls and pole dance idols. Join us in Nashville on May 14, 2016, as 10 of America's best pole dancers and four of the nation's slickest pole dance troupes take the stage to compete for the title of Miss Pole Dance America in this second annual invitational event.
Our mission: To bring the show.
With nods to arena rock concerts and stunning cinematic visuals, the rules are… Well, these ladies have earned it, there are almost no rules! We just want to know one thing: Who's going to bring the audience to their feet? As the best pole dancers in America put their best work on the stage, Miss Pole Dance America will make your knees wobble and stilettos shake. Each competitor has been hand selected and peer nominated at the top of her game in recognition of her role in the pole community. Competitors will be judged on technique, fluidity, musicality, creativity, innovation and showmanship.
Miss Pole Dance America isn't your typical pole fitness competition. From the opening number through the competitors, guest performers and groups acts, its time to bring the show.
This is the big one, folks. The stage is set.